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With increasing levels of external pollution finding its way into our working and living areas, we have to take positive direct action to create a clean environment in our office and home, free of pollutants, while also allowing fresh air to enter these areas.

Most problems arise for those who are allergic to or suffer from the affects of pollen, animal dander, dust mites and their faeces, mildew, spores, bacteria, viruses, tobacco smoke, cooking smells, and other common irritant airborne contaminants. 

Vehicle exhaust gases can be a real problem with windows opening onto a busy road.  And some careless businesses exhaust waste chemicals into the air, which later appear in our lungs. 

Buildings themselves can be constructed with chemicals and materials that pollute the air we breath while in those building (eg fibreglass).

There are various types of filtration units available.  The better units will filter out all of the above contaminants and irritants, using a bank of several types of filtering methods to strain out all the various differing particles of dirt in the air.

Your New Air Purifier Unit
These air purifying filtration units draw in room air and filter it to a very high standard, taking the air through FIVE different types of filter, and then returns the clean air to the room.  They are particularly helpful to those sensitive to the pollutants mentioned above.  Some sufferers of respiratory problems such as asthma and hay fever find this cleaning of the room air very helpful to their conditions. 

Where there are others with colds or flu, where smokers breath tobacco into the room, where pets share the room, etc, air purifiers can be very beneficial by continuous filtration of the room air, removing the dirty particles.

The air purifier has a bank of FIVE different filters, including a high performance HEPA filter and carbon filter.  There is also an ioniser that can be switched on or not.  The air purifier provides a constant flow of purified air to the room.  Working continuously, it replenishes the room air with filtered clean that is pleasant to breath again.  If you would like to breath in cleaner air at home or in the office, you will need an air purifier.

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